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Let 's face it. It is 2019 and we all have a pretty good understanding of social media and how it works, right? But what if I told you that Twitter has 6 different forms of communication networks or that Facebook is most active on Fridays and that video provides you more engagement than just a picture. Do you still think that you’re a social media guru?

We can fully and professionally manage any of your social media platforms for you. Social Media Marketing in San Diego is a must! People here move fast and they live on social media. You need to stay in front of your customers on the platforms that they frequent most.


From the creation of detailed and original content to posting it and engaging with your customers, We handle it all so you can focus on running your business.


Experiential marketing veers off course from traditional strategies that broadcast brand and product benefits to a wide audience. Also referred to as engagement marketing, experiential marketing may be comprised of a variety of marketing strategies geared toward immersing customers within the product by engaging them in as many ways as possible. Ultimately, companies utilizing this strategy want to help customers form memorable, emotional connections with a brand to foster customer loyalty and improve customer lifetime value.

The most rewarding benefit of this marketing strategy is the way in which it drives word-of-mouth advertising; research conducted by Google, Ogilvy, and McKinsey shows that consumers are influenced more by word-of-mouth when making purchasing decisions than they are by print media, television, movies, and brand websites. In fact, “experiential brand experience is the most powerful form of word-of-mouth driving activity for 50 to 80% in any given product category.” 


There was a time that attaching a picture of products or services was enough to get the attention of your customers.


While images can most certainly enhance your business and communicate with a consumer, videos have a much further reaching effect on today's media-driven culture. 

People are presented with so much information that they have to make a decision about what they take the time to read and view. 

Video promotions will bring a clearer understanding of the benefits of a product or service. Consumers also find it more convenient to watch a video while trying to accomplish other tasks.


Providing this convenience to the consumer has proven to be a highly effective marketing technique.


We automatically include these services into your social media contract for NO additional fees. We do all video, pre-production, post production and editing in our offices for the quickest turn around time possible.


First Impressions. You know exactly what they say about them. Your website is your first impression to your customers.


It needs to be constantly updated, It needs SEO work every month and it needs to be managed in a professional way with perfection in mind because customers deserve the best from your brand. 


We provide website design in San Diego because we want the best for our clients. We probably aren't the cheapest, but we can guarantee you the most excellent results for the money you do spend. Plus, since we are Wix Experts you can be guaranteed that your site will always be on point!


Send us a message, we would love to send you examples of websites we have created so you can see for yourself!



Email marketing is used to build trust with customers and to turn them into repeat customers. It is very important to keep your brand name and message in front of them without being intrusive. Email marketing in San Diego is an effective way to keep your customers informed about new sales or promotions you are running. People want to stay informed about your brand, and email marketing is one of the best ways to stay engaged with that audience and this is often paired beautifully with content marketing.


Some people have asked us to explain what exactly content marketing is. So here is a brief summary.

Say you’re a personal trainer in San Diego and your business has plateaued over the past year or so. You’re still looking to grow your client base, so you start a blog and write 2 to 3 keyword-optimized posts each week that explain how to get fit, eat right, and lose weight.


These posts start to rank in the search engines over time and when spring hits, people start to search online about ways to get in shape for beach season. They come across your blog, read your expert posts, and keep coming back to learn from you week after week.


While some of these people choose to make changes on their own, others decide that they should trust the expert to do what they do best and call you for a free consultation, eventually signing up for one of your training programs.