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A Brand Is A Completely Unique Compilation Of Messages & Elements of Visual Identity  That Express The Essence Of What Your Particular Company Is To Your Demographic. A Well Developed Brand Creates & Fosters A Powerful Lasting Message Between You And Your Customers. A Brand Takes Time & Energy To Develop & Blossom. Your Brand Is More Than An Exercise Of Creativity & Imagination — It Is A Fluid Discipline.



Gorilla Marketing Inc. is a social media marketing agency in San Diego, Ca. With an office in Los Angeles now,  you now have access to the best social media in Southern California. We are solid strategists, hardcore marketers, clever innovators and tantalizing event planners. We thrive in a fast-paced atmosphere and are beyond compare when it comes to knowledge and love of marketing.


So why choose Gorilla Marketing? The answers are simple.


  • We only take on what clients we can handle. No outsourcing here! 

  • You have access to everyone from the owners to the content managers every single day. 

  • We provide you with monthly update reports so you know exactly what we have done and what we plan to do for your business next month

  • We are completely transparent with our fees and there will never be any surprises 

  • We have top-rated content managers working for us that are constantly taking refresher courses because social media changes daily


We share a passion for completely original ideas that can transform and personify your brand.  We are vivacious, hardcore and fervent. We realize that we are only as good as our clients are successful. That simple fact drives us to excel for each and every client. 

Your clients are on social media right now! They are making decisions, buying and researching. Are you doing everything you can to engage with them every day?


If you aren't, call us today!




Our team is a family. We work closely with each other and even though we spend a lot of time together for our clients benefit, we can be found on the weekends hanging out and eating together. "If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life." That is true for us, but it's also true that we love working and playing together and that is what makes Gorilla Marketing so amazing! We love marketing in San Diego and love creating social media solutions for you!



Kevin, Marketing Specialist

You will find Kevin managing social media in the middle of the night and going out to shoot video when Jane is elsewhere. He loves his 3 boys and can't wait to find enough property to buy some goats!

Hank, dog

Hank is a 6 year old Daschshund and the best dog ever! He spends most of his days wandering around looking for trouble - - but Kevin gives him love as often as he can. 

Susanna, Graphic Design

Susanna is an award winning Graphic Designer and loves getting crazy with her computer! She is from the UK and will make you a cup of tea without even asking, "because everyone deserves a spot of English Tea."

Justin, Social Media

Justin has worked with a plethora of great social agencies in the past. He loves bike riding and doing Impressions that are a bit blue.

Don't encourage him. :-)

Jane,  Photography/Video

Jane is an amazingly talented photographer and loves to be on location because the office is just not a place she thrives. She has 3 dogs and loves to take them to any dog beach she can find and let them play.

Jessica, Event Planner

Jessica creates the most amazing events you have ever seen! She is extremely detailed orientated and thrives under pressure. She is a foster mom right now and is so excited at the idea of adopting very, very soon! 






We can't wait to hear from you